In any relationship, trust matters—especially in a relationship that involves the investment and protection of your hard-earned money. LNB Investment Services offers convenient access to investment products and services.


We can help you put together a successful plan for your future that is best for your needs.


Our Process

Make Investing Simple

We partner together throughout your life to help you achieve your goal.

We do this by following an established process.        


Establish our goal

- Having Enough to Retire    - Paying for College  

- Protecting My Family     - Managing My Weatlh

Can I get there?

- Take the time to asses tolerance for risk and returns.

- Work to truly understand what path to take to achieve your goal.

 How do I get there?

 - Design and choose the apporopriate services and solutions to accomplish your goal

- Find the proper investment options and strategies for you with the goal in mind.

Stay on track

- Partner together throughout your life to stay on target by

staying true to the plan to achieve your goals while adjusting when needed.